10 easy recipes to prepare for dinner

They will save you lunch and also the line ten dishes you find in the gallery. Good, healthy, balanced: he recommended them to us Simona Santini, nutritionist biologist, learn to eat better with menu already set up facilitates organization and minimizes temptation.

lunch Yes why dinner is the most comfortable timebut for this very reason the most insidious for the line: there are more of you time and more food trying to suppress the hunger that often accumulates throughout the day without paying much attention to what you put on your plate; “For this we must not forget to include the snacks, even twice a day », remembers Simona Santini. Examples? “Yogurt, fruit, dried fruit, juice or cappuccino if you have nowhere to have a snack other than the bar. And if that’s not enough, instead of throwing yourself into cheese and meats, eat vegetables before dinner“.

EATING RIGHT How to prepare a balanced meal? “Contains proteins such as meat, fish, legumes, cheeses or eggs, vegetables in any form (raw or cooked), one source carbohydrates it can consist of bread or pasta or rice or spelled, even better if it is bran», Dr. Santini says. The reason is that whole grains are rich in fiber, which promotes intestinal transit and is more filling, but alternatively, any type of grain is fine: it’s all in the dose. “Those who need to lose weight should be more careful not to overdo it, but there is no need to eliminate them: carbohydrates are important because they provide energy to our body“. “On the other hand, is fruit allowed at dinner?” Of course, if fermentation does not cause problems. In this case, those who need to lose weight should pay more attention: it contains sugar, we should not exaggerate.”

EXPERT’S TIPS AND RECIPES After all, eating in a balanced way requires organization (in addition to willpower). “With menu already set up just stock up for the weekend and store the ingredients in portions in the freezer. Even frozen foods are perfect: they don’t even lose their nutrients by cooking them quickly. In short, there are no excuses: we just need to cook better.

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