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Fresh, thirst-quenching, nutritious: these are the cucumbers that dominate our tables in the warmer months. Most of the time though we tend to use them rawin salads, with a drizzle of oil and salt: nothing better, but you can do it with cucumbers many other ideas, more creative and surprising. Here is a review of the best cucumber recipes that are appetizing, delicious and easy to prepare.

The best recipes with cucumbers, from appetizers to desserts

Rich in excellent nutrients, cucumbers are an ideal product for the summer months, we can find them on the counters of fresh and juicy markets: in addition to the usual salad, they can be used to prepare food. simple and attractive recipes.

Let’s start with a beginning very simple, in rolls cucumber and salmon, ideal when guests arrive at the last minute; alternatively, also tumors tofu with melon and cucumber salad, a preparation that can be served as an appetizer or as an appetizer eating alone. The Gazpacho Cucumber enriched with onion and pepper or cold cream, to combine with croutons and slices of homemade bread. Again, on the appetizer side, cucumber, feta and watermelon skewers are a fresh appetizer, perfect for a trip to the beach, a picnic or a patio dinner. Recommended for meat lovers rags beef with cucumber, perhaps accompanied by a sweet tooth Tzatziki sauce: a second meal really greedy, it will make even the little ones love cucumbers.

For a nutritious but light lunch, give it a try cold rice with cucumber, watermelon and first salt or summer salad lentilswith cucumbers, onions and tomatoes, but also timeless Greek salad. In the chapter protectscucumber recipe acidclassic and always useful or cucumber Sweet and sour, for those willing to dare. Finally, cucumber jam, one sweet recipe definitely worth a try.

1. Salmon and cucumber rolls: a recipe for a fresh and super light snack

salmon and cucumber rolls

The salmon and cucumber rolls they are fresh and tasty finger foods, perfect for serving beginning or accompanying yours summer appetizers. Simple and quick, they are prepared in minutes and without turning on the oven. Sliced ​​cucumber, stuffed with fresh cream cheese and smoked salmon, then gently rolled: the result crunchy bites and with an envelope filling that you can serve with croutons, carasau bread slices or warm focaccia triangles: it will be a real delight for your guests. Learn how to make them by following our step-by-step recipe.

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2. Tofu skewers with melon and cucumber salad: a recipe for a fresh and tasty meal


The tofu skewers with melon and cucumber salad It is a perfectly fresh and tasty preparation second meal or eating alone summer. Simple and charming, one original vegetarian recipe which combines all the taste of cucumber and onion with the delicacy of melon and tofu which, in this case, tumors on tumors e cooked in a pan after being marinated. Demanding food very short time to bring to the table: ideal for lunch after a hot day. How to make it perfect.

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3. Cucumber gazpacho: a recipe for a fresh and super light soup

cucumber gazpacho

The cucumber gazpacho this light versionbut equally delicious, related popular dish Spanish tradition. It is about a cold soup And without cookingideal for summer fun beginning or first coursefollowed by a second course meat or fried fish. Simple and super fast, it is prepared without tomatoes, the heroes of the classic recipe, but using cucumbers, pepper And onionsfor one version full green fragrant and pleasant. Learn how to do it by following the step-by-step procedure and tips.

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4. Watermelon, cucumber and cheese skewers: a recipe for a fresh and original dish


The skewers with watermelon, cucumber and cheese they are a fresh and colorful dish, perfect for the summer season: you can serve as beginning as food, for lunch after the sea aperitifor as second meal at a family dinner. You will have to prepare these delicious skewers very few ingredients – watermelon, cucumber, mozzarella, aromatic herbs and extra virgin olive oil – and a few minutes: the ideal recipe to bring fruits and vegetables to the table in an original and delicious way. How to prepare them in a few steps.

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5. Beef strips with cucumbers: a recipe for a fresh and super fast second course


The strips of beef with cucumber I a second meal fast, fresh and usually summer. It is especially suitable on the hottest days when you don’t want to cook pickles in the kitchen and use the oven. it’s simple to do and also provides a elegant result and very tasty. In this recipe crunch of cucumbers goes well with the softness of the meat, chopped and quickly sauteed in a pan; finally, the emulsion based on it gives flavor to the dish mustard in grains, enhances the final taste of the food. will be prepared on the occasion of special lunchto amaze great simplicity your guests.

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6. Tzatziki: a recipe for a delicious and aromatic Greek sauce


There tzatziki this sauce easy and delicious typical of Greek cuisine. It’s very quick to make with just a few simple ingredients: natural Greek yogurt, cucumber, extra virgin olive oil and garlic. Trust me fresh taste and appetizing, any vegetable can enhance the taste of pinzimonio and is perfect to accompany it. meat foods And fishfor example, souvlaki, the classic pork skewers or the inevitable gyros, one of the most loved street foods of the Greek tradition. It can be eaten alone or with the famous pita bread.

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7. Cold rice with watermelon, first salt and cucumber: a recipe for a fresh and light meal

Cold rice with watermelon

The cold rice with watermelon and first salt an original and creative version of the more classic rice salad. In this unusual and pleasantly refreshing recipe, we used different types basmati rice: Characterized by its cultivation in India and Pakistan delicate taste and unique fragrance; These fine quality grains, al dente and well-shelled, are perfectly suited to such preparations and enhance their sweetness.watermelonflavor first salt, aroma mint he was born lime. Ideal to take with you to get a tasty and balanced result lunch the sea or under the umbrella.

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8. Summer lentil salad: a recipe for a fresh and nutritious dish

Summer lentil salad

L’summer lentil salad It is a light and tasty meal that is ideal for summer days hotter. Rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins, lentils are also a valuable ally in the kitchen due to their versatility: you can use already boiled ones and enrich them. crunchy vegetables and then season everything with chopped parsley and an emulsion of lemon juice and oil. It is prepared quickly and simply, you can serve as you like second meal to be supplemented with a carbohydrate source – to make the meal balanced and complete – or as rich side dish along with a portion of grilled fish or meat. Learn how to do it by following our step-by-step recipe.

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9. Greek salad: a recipe for a summer and delicious Greek meal

Greek salad

L’Greek salad this fresh food and colorful, characteristic of Greek cuisine. It consists of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, black olives and cubes of feta cheese, a Greek specialty made from sheep’s and goat’s milk. As is often the case with traditional recipes, there are many different versions include adding lettuce, white onions instead of red, green olives or white wine vinegar. You can also complement the slices with grilled chicken breast, boiled peas, steamed shrimp, natural white yogurt or replace the feta cheese with smoked tofu for a vegan-friendly option: in short, the imagination is wide. Like perfect eating aloneit can also be served as a light summer lunch to be consumed by the sea rich side dish fried fish or meat second course. Learn how to make it by following the step-by-step procedure and tips.

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10. Cucumber jam: a recipe for a delicious and original summer preserve


There cucumber jam is a delicious preserve and original, is an ideal preparation to consume this fresh summer vegetable even in winter. You just need to prepare it cucumber, sugar, lemon juice And vanilla: the final result will be a creamy and delicate jam, ideal for tasting Breakfastto spread or taste on porridge or bread spreadable cheesesnack or a aperitif.

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