6 dishes to try at home

The history of Taiwanese cuisine, as well as the history of the Asian island, is quite complex; it is a cuisine of which many belong only to the central-southern Chinese matrix, but many of the dishes are based on the traditions of the Hoklo people, Taiwan’s largest language group, and the indigenous people of the island. Not to mention the influences stemming from Japanese rule.

The best way to discover Taiwanese cuisine is to head to one of the thousands of night markets that symbolize abundance and culinary experiences. If going to Taipei is not an option for many right now, we have to find good Taiwanese restaurants or cook some food at home.

That’s why we won’t talk here about all the food that can be found in Taiwan, because that would be impossible and reductive: what we can do is to take you with you some flavors and some dishes inspired by its vibrant flavors.

Recipes from Taiwan: Fan Tuan

Fan Tuan is known as one of the typical Shanghainese breakfast, but Taiwanese breakfast is also well known. They are usually sold as street food for a few euros, but in terms of visiting Taipei and eating a lot of street food, you can make them at home. Enough sticky rice, eggs and any other seasonings you want.

Rice rolls recipe for breakfast

Taiwanese fried chicken sandwich

Fried chicken is a religion in Taiwan: their version of chicken popcorn is popular. But you can experiment with fried chicken, for example, with this sandwich, which sees spices, dashi mayonnaise, ginger and pickle.

Recipe for fried chicken sandwich

Taiwanese soup with beef and noodles

As in many Asian countries, noodles in broth take on new flavors and textures. In this dish, the broth is spicy and the beef is so tender you can tear it apart with chopsticks.

Here is a Taiwanese soup recipe

Taiwanese Gua Bao

Six traditional Chinese bao / baozi made you lose your mind, Gua Bao from Taiwan is the next level of lust. Still fried chicken and unexpected flavors in this recipe from Bao House restaurant in Milan.

Taiwanese Gua Bao video.

Lu Rou Fan

Pork traditionally cooked in broth on a bed of rice: Lu Rou Fan is a popular dish in Taiwan. The original recipe also includes marinated eggs, but here we put pickles that give the dish a little freshness.

Lu Rou Fan recipe

Taiwanese pineapple cake

In Taiwan, the pineapple represents luxury and hospitality and is a popular feng shui symbol of wealth, luck and prosperity. Therefore, this cake is very important in Taiwanese culture, but also very good.

More information about Taiwanese cake

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