A dish of poor tradition turned gourmet: the history of aquacotta

Born as a poor dish, it is also reinterpreted by chefs today, as it is often found in gourmet cuisine based on tradition. L’boiled water the island is celebrated in early August Festival in MonecoronaroOn the western slopes of Mount Fumaiolo, on the Tyrrhenian side of the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines.

This small village is part of the municipality of Verghereto, but less than a kilometer west of the town is the pass of the same name that connects the upper Tiber valley with the Savio valley. We are very close to the border with Tuscany, in fact this dish is very common even beyond the border, indeed it seems to be imported: the inhabitants of Montecoronaro, who work in the Tuscan Maremma in the winter, have learned to recognize and eat aquacotta properly. here, in this region of Romagna, to preserve and pass on this tradition. Recipe obtained as a result of transhumance. Back then, it was a soup in a hot broth, enriched with unsalted bread and butter, and in the spring season, with vegetables that gave it more flavor, but also, to make it more filling, with lard, cheek, or pork rind. Broth was made with onions in an iron pot, then potatoes and cod were added.

Today it is a real vegetable soup that changes according to the season, but mainly they use onion and celery, but also basil like tomatoes in spring and summer. Then there are greens and field vegetables, such as chicory or chard. In the “modern era” there is no shortage of eggs, they are often added raw to hot soup or grated cheese. Obviously, as with all traditional recipes, every family has its secrets.

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