A €50 gourmet menu inspired by Kfc, fast food chicken

In the kitchen, you see them in all colors and you are no longer surprised. Wrapped pizzas, impossible reinterpretations, giant golden steaks sold at record prices. The latest? 50 euro gourmet menu inspired by the offerings of the KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) chain. An Australian chef created it Nelly Robinson and will be presented from April 1 (over three days) in Sydney, at an event promoted by American fast food.

Kfc and great food

Eleven gourmet courses where the protagonist is chicken. The actual tasting is available twice, one at 4.45pm and the other at 8.15pm. It will be held in a secret location in the metropolis and the proceeds will be used for charity. KFC’s challenge – or experiment – seems to be just that: to demonstrate that even dishes like the popular Popcorn Chicken, if prepared in a certain way, wink at fine dining. We are very excited about expanding our offer to a tasting menu, commented Kristi Woolrych of Kfc Australia. They certainly couldn’t do it alone, so a partnership was formed with Robinson acting as a consultant. Chef working in Sydney at Nel’s restaurant. and one of the well-known figures of the country showed special interest in participating in this initiative. “I’ve always been a fan of KFC chicken,” said the chef, “and we’ve chosen 11 dishes that can normally be ordered in fast food restaurants to reinterpret them and make them noble.” a dream come true.

Tasting menu

such dishes are on the menu Super charged wings, charcoal-grilled chicken wings. Also a sandwich Potatoes and Gravy dip in sauce. And again Tongue Twistr (roasted chicken with tomato, lettuce and pepper mayonnaise), the Sister Twister (a KFC classic accompanied by pearl barley, sundried tomatoes and pumpkin), Popcorn chicken (compared to celery soup, mushroom patties, and spicy fast food with an edible flower garnish paired with basil) andFried gold (grilled chicken skewers, this time with quinoa and gold sprinkles). Pieces of chocolate mousse for dessert. And the wines? They are included in the price.

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