Autumn soups: 8 best recipes

The first real cold snap of the year is upon us: brace yourself with the best fall soup recipes, including mushrooms, squash, legumes, and spices.

No, come on, don’t look bored, like the kids with the steamed cauliflower in front of us… we’re big fans of it autumn soups and we will let you find passion.

We have a unique concentration of scents, aromatic herbs, cured meats, vegetables, traditional recipes, unusual, irresistible combinations. The eight fall soup recipes we propose to embrace the season and develop it.

Pumpkin soup and toast

velvet squash and potatoes

It’s not a fall table without the unmistakable orange touch of pumpkin. It is sovereign, naturally good and tasty, light, versatile. It doesn’t matter whether it’s velvety or creamy, whether it’s baked in pasta or rice, delicate or spicy: pumpkin soup is always a treat.

Lentil and chestnut soup

chestnut lentil soup

Lentils, chestnuts, fragrance, low light, crisp air: how beautiful autumn is! And this soup is especially thematic, very easy to prepare and full, satisfying. Want to try it out? Here is our recipe explained step by step.

Pea soup

pea soup

Dry peas are available all year round and can adapt perfectly to any season… but in our opinion, they offer the best in the cold. Imagine a good broth full of kale, a few pieces of sausage, onions, herbs and long-cooked peas. You’re already warming up, aren’t you?

Bacon and mushroom soup

pork mushroom soup

Mushrooms are the protagonist in winter and are good in literally all sauces. They go well with fish, other vegetables, legumes, meat. In this soup, we decided to combine them with pancetta for an unmistakable final smell and aroma. The recipe here is irresistible.

5 grain soup

five grain soup

Five grain soup is a real comfort food: cauliflower, Roma broccoli, smells, cooked for almost an hour, malga cheese … it’s really the first meal (or the only meal?) To make abundantly and whole. family We offer our recipe.

Cod and bean soup

cod bean soup

Cod is an ideal fish for soup: it has a unique, fatty, warm texture and does not have an overtly fishy flavor. Combined with the creaminess of the beans, it’s the end of the world, so we can’t wait to try this soup.

Mushroom and mushroom soup

spelled and mushroom soup

If you have one of those bags of mixed mushrooms in the freezer that you don’t know how to use, this recipe is for you. In addition, fresh mushrooms and many flavors: pepper, garlic, thyme. Its appearance is irresistible, perhaps accompanied by homemade breadsticks.

Parmentier soup


Parmentier is a French potato, leek and fresh cream soup named after Antoine-Augustin Parmentier, an agronomist and nutritionist who worked at the court of Louis XVI…if you’ve never heard of it, we’ve landed on the right side of the Internet. We present the recipe of this delicacy.

Soup soup recipes

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