Cold soups and stews in summer: 10 easy recipes

P.To beat the heat, try our cold velvety recipes made with soups, stews, creams, pies and seasonal vegetables. For a light lunch or dinner

A creamy first course, rich in vitamins and minerals, tasty and (often) light? It is obvious soups, soups, creams And like velvet! Don’t stop making them summer. Modern Woman chose for you the best recipes for soup and cold soup with seasonal vegetables: they hydrate you and also have a detox function. Choose your favorite ingredients and prepare immediately cold soup what suits you best: with tomatoes, pumpkin, eggplant, pepper and more … With cream or 100% vegan, traditional or ethnic.

Gazpacho and cold soups

Our recipes will conquer everyone with their fresh taste, starting from the most famous Gazpachohave you ever tried it? Gazpacho is a cold soup of raw vegetables of Spanish origin, thirst-quenching and delicious, is very popular in summer in regions such as Andalusia, but is now widespread outside the country’s borders. Born as a peasant food, it was brought to the fields to be consumed as a snack during work breaks. Flowing, appetizing and refreshing. Here’s the Andalusian version: serve it as an appetizer, perhaps in small glasses, or as a first course.

Recipes for soups, soups, creams, purees and cold soups

If you want an exotic touch, prepare cold avocado soup: the fatty pulp of the avocado is mixed with fresh cream and diluted with lemon juice (to darken the avocado) and cold vegetable juice. You will get a delicious greenish cream.

It is also among the staple foods of summer fetatraditional Greek semi-hard cheese: crumble together with some toasted pine nuts Pepper cream yellow and red, a combination that invites the eye. If you are afraid of not digesting the peppers, don’t worry, the problem is all in the “skin”: in this case, after washing them, clean the “skin” with a potato peeler.

Do not think that the sweet taste of melon is not the same in our case: in the recipe puree the melon mixed with salt, balsamic vinegar and oil, it gives life to the cream to be tasted. Serve with fried ham strips.

Or here is a really tasty meal cold cream of tomato soup, made with Tuscan bread, tomatoes and vegetable broth. When serving in bowls, put chopped vegetables in the middle.

If you are looking for something super light, the right solution is there cold soup from zucchini and yogurt 225 calories alone. The recipe is simple and does not require the use of cream or the presence of carbohydrates. If you prepare it in advance, you can serve it and eat it later.

Scroll through this selection of recipes to choose from soup or cold soup in summer you want to enjoy and prepare for your guests and then… enjoy your meal!

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