Cold vegetable soup, Prosecco soy sauce, sea urchin

For the sauce

100 cc white soy sauce

100cc Prosecco

50 cc of sugar

Potato starch to taste

100 g of oysters


Simmer white soy sauce and prosecco in a ratio of 4 to 1 (1/4 of Foss Marai prosecco). Add sugar, sake and a pinch of starch to thicken.

Except for extracting the essence from the mussels by boiling them with dashi and straining them.

Combine the clam extract with the white soy preparation and leave a small portion of it for the other two preparations.

For Noryuzan

100 cc shoyu

50 cc sake

50 cc of sugar

50 cc rice vinegar

1 sheet of nori seaweed

Sea urchin pulp

Clam extract (one part)


Reduce the seaweed by mixing rice vinegar, sake, sugar, soy sauce and boiled nori seaweed leaves, and make it homogenous with a blender.

Prepare a kind of “panna cotta” from sea urchin pulp with cream and jelly mixed with pepper extract. Steam cooking.

For cold soup

90 g of peas

180 g of cauliflower

Clam extract (one part)

200 cc of water


Using a Pacojet, put chickpeas (1 part) and fresh cauliflower (4 parts) into a steel bowl, add the remaining clam extract and pre-made white soy sauce. Pacotize to get the cream of the broth.

Extra virgin olive oil for spherification with truffles

2 g of agar-agar

170 ml extra virgin olive oil with truffles


Prepare a spherification of extra virgin olive oil with white truffle by adding 2 g of agar-agar to 170 ml of product to be boiled. Spherize with a syringe in semifreddo oil at a warm temperature.

Composition from the plate

In a bowl, pour 60 cc of cold soup, a spoonful of seaweed reduction, put a quenelle of sea urchins and finish with white truffles and pearls coated in extra virgin olive oil. Garnish with thin slices of fresh raw cauliflower and small sheets of dried nori seaweed.


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