Crocodile and snake: how to cook?

The Ministry of Health gave the green light to import in 2021 crocodile meat, and more reptiles, in our country. Don’t worry, we won’t be invaded by moderns Mr. Crocodile Dundee He will come down to our cities to sell us the meat of the crocodiles he hunted. In fact, they can only be placed on the Italian market flesh of reptiles of the species Crocodylus niloticus from a small number of countries, Switzerland, Botswana, Vietnam, South Africa and Zimbabwe and appropriate health certificate.

Today, it is more and more appreciated for its lightness and nutritional value, it is actually a very lean white meat rich in proteins. first time with meat crocodile however, it happened in 2015, during the Expo in Milan crocoburgerTo taste at the Zimbabwe pavilion.

But how to cook crocodile?

It is very similar to the fact that these reptiles have meat chickenone of the best ways to cook it is to cut it a rags, marinate add garlic, salt and pepper in lemon juice for about an hour, fry in plenty of oil, turn the slices so they brown well and serve while still hot (with vegetables or rice). If you are a lover Barbecueyou can use i instead alligator bites to prepare – as is usually the case in Australia, but also an appetizer in some stars and stripes such as Florida and Louisiana tumors. Another way you can enjoy alligator meat is to prepare one laksa. What is it about? a noodle soupUnique to Malaysia and Australia, multiple variants of which are now widely available, including – exactly – one crocodile And shrimp. In this case, you just need to cook the shrimp, chicken and coconut milk in a broth made a few minutes ago.

But what about snakes?

Also in this case, one of the best ways to enhance the flavor of meat (meat like chicken) is without a doubt to prepare the meat. soup, for example, you can taste it in Hong Kong. The recipe? First of all, you need to kill snake with mutilation of the head (as when cooking a little eel). Then after peeling and boiling it is enough break it and add the broth to the soup made from the reptile’s own flesh. On the other hand, if you want to imitate the Texans or the people of Arizona and New Mexico, you can prepare red-hot coals on it. to grill snake, perhaps seasoned with dried blueberries, pepper, salt and orange peel. Finally, if you want to enjoy it Vietnamese styleyou can choose one steamed meat or fried and – since nothing is thrown from the snake (we say the famous saying about the pig) – even the bravest of you can drink. bloodmixed with rice wine.

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