Croquetas, a typical Spanish recipe

The croquettes I a Spanish snack very popular, or rather, a snack to eat while drinking a cold beer during an aperitif; An appetizer known as tapa in Spain. It is about a A typical recipe from southern SpainIt is prepared once leftover pea soup, vegetables and meat are called cocido. Today, however, there are croquetas made with béchamel base added to them various items, ham, chicken, tuna, salmon, squid, shrimp, vegetables, etc. Although the recipe croquetas españolas born in the south of the country, a spread across tapa Spain.

The main ingredients of the croquette

For making Spanish croquettes the following items are needed:

  • 400 ml broth (meat, fish or vegetarian depending on the recipe)
  • 250 grams of flour 00
  • 400 ml whole milk
  • 90 grams of onion
  • Salt to taste
  • Pepper as needed
  • Extra virgin olive oil to taste

    To these main ingredients You should add an ingredient according to your taste tuna, salmon, ham, etc, approximately 250 grams, considering the maximum quantity of 300. About 24 croquettes can be made with the quantities we just mentioned. Then you need an egg, 00 flour, breadcrumbs, seed oil and milk toast bread and croquettes.

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    Recipe for Spanish croquettes

    cut off fry the onion finely in a pan with olive oil until completely dry. important to keep low flame, minimum. After about 15 minutes, the onion should be ready. It may be while eating it can be too dry. To prevent burning, it is enough to add a spoonful of hot water. When the onion is ready, add it ingredient of your choice Tuna fishthe salmonham or otherwise. Cook for a few minutes and add the flour. At this time, a ladle, Add broth and milk stirring constantly. After about ten minutes, the dough is ready. Salt and pepper. Then put the mixture in a bowl to cool.

    Make three dishes, one with beaten eggs spoon of milk, one with flour, one with breadcrumbs. When the dough is cold, form it directly with your hands or with two spoons of croquettes approx 5 cm. Roll the croquettes in flour, then egg and breadcrumbs. Now croquettes can be placed cook in boiled seed oil. When golden brown, transfer them to a sheet of absorbent paper to remove excess oil.

    Recipe for Spanish croquettes

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    The croquetas de jamon

    There croquetas de jamon recipe is what we described above. The jamón serrano, a Spanish cured ham that is now popular all over the world. This is raw ham quite dark color, well drawn, with a very intense flavor is special. Of course, Italian raw ham can also be used, however jamon serrano offers a really intense flavor to croquettes. Definitely worth a try. Fortunately today It’s not a hard ingredient to find. There are many supermarkets where you can find it.

    These croquetas de pollo

    According to the original Spanish recipe, croquetas de pollo should be made with leftover chicken, boiled, roasted, baked, grilled, barbecued. The remaining chicken should be first, then it should be cut into strips, then it is transferred to the pan together with oil and onion, and finally it is added to the mixture of croquettes. It is such a food allows you to recover the remainsso that no waste in the kitchen. It is also a nutritious and rich tasting food that can be garnished with spices or herbs.

    Spanish recipe for cod croquettes

    They are also typical of Spain croquetas de bacalao. We advise you Carefully remove the salt from the cod, otherwise the risk is that the croquettes are too salty and practically impossible to taste. Cod should also it is cut very thinso it mixes perfectly with other ingredients.

    How to serve Spanish croquettes

    Croquettes are mainly served in Spain aperitif time, followed by a cold beer or a glass of wine. They are almost never served alone, but Along with other tapas dictated by Spanish tradition. What matters is the presence of croquettes served hot, with a fork so you can eat them without burning your fingers. Of course they can be accompanied by a little sauce.

    Are there potato croquettes in Spain?

    The potato croquettes As we are used to eating in Italy, it is now widespread all over the world, including Spain. But this is not the type of tapa that the Spanish love so much in fact, they prefer the original recipe with this kind bechamel to bind together ingredients.

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