Dinner under 600 kcal: 10 recipes to prepare immediately

depending onageof sex and life style Each of us needs a certain number of calories to consume daily to stay fit and live well. We are talking about the daily average 1500-2000 calories for women and 2000-2500 for menshould be divided as follows: 15-20% for breakfast, 35-40% for lunch, 5-10% for morning and afternoon snacks, 30-35% for lunch. From these figures, we understand that it is important not to overdo it with the last meal of the day, dinner, but many make a mistake. Yes, because lunch is often fast, a sandwich in front of the computer and the moment when you finally relax at home, you eat more than you should. In general, it is recommended evening is presented about 600 calories. What does that mean? we explain to you with 10 simple and delicious recipes it will make you feel fit and satisfied.

  1. Baked salmon. This is a second meal tasty, easy to prepare even for those who are not familiar with fish. Although salmon is not one of the leanest foods, it is rich proteins And Omega 3 and baking allows you to minimize the spices. You can use both slices and fillets and add one to enrich the dish crusty bread it is made with breadcrumbs, herbs and lemon peel.
  2. Turkey meatloaf. It is a preparation reminiscent of childhood, brightened by its use Turkish meatsource amino acids is important, minerals And vitamins But low fat. They are added to prepare it egg And parmesan. There are also those who add ricotta cheese and who bread soaked in milk and only at the end it is covered with some stain slices, to make everything gluttonous but high in calories. Then, it is cooked in the oven and served with your favorite vegetables.
  3. Sliced ​​chicken. Lighter than the classic beef recipe, but just as tasty, chicken tagliata has a specialty limited energy intake but it is it is rich in proteins of high biological value and boasts good content mineral salts. For a delicious cut of chicken, remember to season everything before cooking and add parmesan cheese or rice and almond flakes after cooking for a perfect meal.
  4. Chicken salad. Here is a perfect recipe for every occasion and every season. This can be a way to recycle fried chicken or enhance a delicate flavor ingredient. The most popular chicken salad recipe is undoubtedly the Caesar salad, but the possibilities are endless and all in the name of lightness. You can add rice or potatoes to complete the meal with the right amount of carbohydrates. The combination is great with fruit from pineapple to apple, avocado to mango. There is a Vietnamese recipe and a Brazilian recipe. The choice is yours! Just a tip: Don’t overdo it with sauces and dressings to stay under 600 calories.
  5. Piadina. In Romagna It is typical to dine on stuffed piadina on the beach, especially in summer. Opt for the lighter version without lard but with olive oil, it is easy to prepare even at home. And don’t forget one vegetable portion: grilled vegetables depending on the season, rocket, sauteed spinach or greens, steamed cauliflower, sliced ​​tomatoes. Lovely lean dried meats for example, bresaola, raw ham or spot or bet Cream cheese like a squacquerone.
  6. Stuffed vegetables. zucchini, pepper, eggplant, tomatoes or mushrooms: summer is full of delicious and versatile vegetables. These vegetables can be filled with ground veal or beef, ricotta, rice, tuna, cheese, breadcrumbs, legumes, or to suit your personal taste and lifestyle preferences. Vegetables are cooked in the ovenit can even be served the day before and with a spoonful of tomato and basil sauce.
  7. Couscous with vegetables and legumes. This eating alone Suitable for any season, but especially appreciated in summer when you don’t want to keep stoves and ovens outdoors. In addition, it is also recommended for vegetarians And vegans. Try a couscous salad with peas, beans or lentils. From curry to fresh mint leaves, play with flavors to always give your food a different flavor, or try original spices like extra fresh coriander and lime dressing.
  8. Lentils, soup or salad. These are considered legumes the meat of the poor. Lentils are an important crop source of protein even if they need to be accompanied by grains or eggs to complete the picture of essential amino acids. Therefore, the most complete and healthy way to enjoy them is, for example, in a lentil and rice soup or in a summer salad with barley. A hot and cold dish to enjoy the benefits of these legumes 365 days a year. If you’re not vegan, try the lentil and feta salad as well. It will win you over!
  9. veggie burgerbean burger. Lighter than the traditional beef-based preparation (although you should always be careful not to overdo it with the sauces), this recipe will be a crowd pleaser. You can use any type of bean to make it, including green azuki. If you’re not vegan, add a spoonful of cream cheese to your sandwich. Finally, vegetables cannot be missing: replace fries with a fragrant potato and cucumber salad or, better yet, with a colorful side dish of seasonal vegetables such as ratatouille, roasted spinach or zucchini and mushrooms.
  10. Poke. This is now the perfect wellbeing food, recipe Hawaiian origin Very simple based on rice and fish, which has become one of the most popular in recent years. Also because it’s definitely instagrammable. But how to do the piercing at home? Take a bowl and fill it up a quarter of cereals (quinoa, millet or brown rice), a quarter protein (tuna and chicken recommended) e the remaining half of seasonal vegetablesbut you can add even some fruits, such as avocados or apples. Everything should be cut into pieces of approximately the same size. In the end, season with dressing based on healthy extra virgin olive oil such as lemon, orange or lime citronette. Sesame oil is also interesting, and we suggest paying attention to soy sauce: very tasty, but generally high in sodium.

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