Fish soup, saffron and country bread from Marco Bernardo

Greedy, fresh, unseen: they Summer food of 2022 prepared by chefs from all over the beautiful country. From North to South Italy, between tradition and creativity, the aroma of salt and the fresh flavors of our hinterland: the creativity of our chefs will accompany your summer. And you can also impress your guests at home with their recipes. Ladies and gentlemen: summer serves!

It is a dish that combines the tradition of Tuscany and the tradition of Campania. Fishermen of Versilia and out of love for my native land. Based on the seasonality, we select the five best fish in the daily market, always demanding the highest quality of raw materials and, above all, a sustainable purchase in the market.

Therefore, the recipe will mention the five most available fish during the summer season, but it is strongly recommended to adapt it to the preparation time.

cook Marco Bernardo

Recipe for 4 people

For fish selection
200 g of mullet
200 g
200 g tub
200 g red fish
200 g desiccants
2 gobetto shrimps

For soup
Grab all the bones and heads
1 stick of celery
1/2 white onion
1/2 dill
30 g of tomato paste
25 g of grape seed oil
30 g of fruity white wine
1 g of saffron in pistils

For tomato bread
400 g of flour 0
240 g of water
30 g of tomato paste
8 g of salt
1 g of brewer’s yeast

For the parsley oil
50 g of parsley
100 g of grape seed oil

A glimpse into the suggestive room of La Magnolia restaurant

A look at the restaurant room that offers Magnolia

For fish selection of fish
Fish scales, intestine and fillet; soak bones and heads in water and ice to remove blood. Now let’s process the fillets: carefully remove the remaining bones, then sprinkle the fillets with salt and oil. Arrange lengthwise in a 9 cm diameter dough circle. Vacuum pack everything.

For fish soup
In a saucepan, fry the oil and garlic, then the vegetables and well. In a separate non-stick pan, heat the grapeseed oil over a high heat and fry the previously dried fish bones and heads: they should turn a nice amber colour.

Absorb the excess oil and add the heads and bones to the pot with the vegetables. At this point, add the concentrate and mix with the white wine. Cover the soup with water and ice and simmer for 25 minutes, taking care to remove the foam as needed. After the indicated time, strain and reduce by half. Add the saffron pistils and season with salt and pepper as needed.

For tomato bread
Mix the ingredients in a planetary mixer, let it rise in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours, prepare the bread. After the second fermentation, cook in a wood oven.

For the parsley oil
Heat the grape seed oil and parsley in a Thermomix at 70° for 20 minutes. Strain everything and refrigerate immediately.

To eat
Cook fish meat at 48 ° C for 15 minutes. Shell the Gobetti shrimp, taking care to save their blue eggs. Restore the soup, toasting two slices of tomato bread soaked in the soup cooking liquid earlier.

Place a slice of terrine next to two raw gobetti shrimp with eggs and a few drops of parsley oil. Pour the soup into a sauce boat and arrange the bread on the side.

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