Fruit cake with carambola averrhoa

Provides fruit existence he enjoyed it in many waysfresh or in a fruit salad, in the form of a smoothie, for pastry preparations at the highest level. Let’s recall the case fruit cakethe fruit pizzathe fruit cakewithout forgetting that fruit is also useful enriches delicious food. There seasonal fruits and vegetableswe have to admit that they are the best choice for these preparations, but nothing is stopping you use exotic fruits whom carombetter known as star-shaped fruit.

What kind of fruit is star fruit?

Here it is The fruit of the Averrhoa carambola plant. Where does star fruit grow? It is the homeland of the plant India, Sri Lanka and some islands of Indonesia. In fact, this tree is also widespread in other areas of the world, e.g Brazil for example and a little all of Southeast Asia. Not only that, but today exotic fruit it’s a lot It is also widespread in Sicily, because the climate of our beautiful island is perfect for its proper growth. It is characterized by the possession of one oval shape with five longitudinal projections.

The the slices look like stars, hence the name. And that’s exactly why such a beautiful and eye-catching shape that often comes to carambola but it is used as a side dish. Nothing could be more wrong, actually having a fruit amazing taste and that includes many benefits for the body. The the color is green, but can range from light green to yellow. There is a lot of pulp juicy and fragrant and Carambola flavor does sweet but sourit tastes a little like citrus fruits.

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Carambola, a fruit that is really good for you

All fruit is rich with food items it is really very useful for our body. Exotic fruits are no exception. Not even carom is an obvious exception. is rich with Vitamin C and vitamin Ais ideal for strengthen our immune system and ensures that the organism can live young and healthy for a long time. These vitamins are not enough the beauty of the skin, hair and nails. It also contains a lot antioxidant substanceswhich allows to keep the body young, of prevents free radicals and oxidative stress. It also has an important feature antibacterial activity.

And the best part is that this exotic fruit has one low calorie intake and also very little sugars, without forgetting that stimulates the feeling of satiety and reduces cholesterol absorption. In short, it is a suitable fruit dieters and what they should do pay attention to the line. But because of its existence oxalic acid and caramboxinthis fruit not suitable for those suffering from kidney failure or often have kidney stones. He is the one and only contraindication that we must take into account.

Carambola, where to buy

Until a few years ago, it was quite difficult to succeed buy excellent exotic fruits for himself Power supply. Fortunately, that is no longer the case today. Ours supermarkets have actually gotten richer and carom is beautiful because of that easy to find in the market. It is important to remember that many still exist today shops specializing in exotic fruits. Not only that, but some over the years Also plants in Sicily so it’s hard to find, but not impossible home grown fruit. And price of star fruit? It’s not high at all, it’s a very high price similar to avocado, mango and other exotic fruits.

carambola, where to buy

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Carambola, how to eat

How to eat a star-shaped fruit? It can be eaten because it is natural including the shell. Can be added to fruit salads, to give it an extra exotic touch. Not only that, the carambola owes itself to self-realization exotic salads it is rich in both vegetables and fruits. It is an excellent ingredient for carambola preparation of fruit cocktailsboth alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and shakes.

Carambola also cooks well and goes well with both meat and fish. You can Carambola is grilled or grilledgo through in a pan with chicken or pork. It’s also very good together shrimp. Star fruit comes from India added to soup with tomatoes and legumes, then spice things up with a little bit of delicious spice. This is definitely a recipe to try. Then it is impossible not to remember all this pastry preparations star fruit can become the main character. Cakes and cakes, of course, as well cheesecake. Among other preparations carambola jam you can also add to this a little cinnamon. Nothing is stopping you add other fruits as wellOne to get like strawberry or kiwi complex and complex flavor.

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