How to cook pre-cooked couscous: the complete guide

Small durum wheat semolina grains treated with water and then passed through a sieve no larger than one millimeter: let’s talk couscous or couscous, is an increasingly used ingredient in our kitchens. Preparation is of very ancient originCouscous probably has its roots in East Africa, where it appeared in the 7th century BC: main ingredient of Middle Eastern and North African cuisineespecially that one Moroccan. In Italy, couscous is an integral part Sicilian cuisine: that’s it The undisputed hero of Trapani-style fish soup, rich and delicious food. Especially versatile, couscous can be enjoyed endlessly: cold in rich salads, hot and even sweet with fish, meat and vegetables, in alternative, tasty and colorful desserts. In the market we easily find pre-made couscous it does not require real food, but must be “restored” with water or a hot liquid such as broth. How to cook it? How many ways can we use couscous and how to make it perfectly? Here is the complete guidewith some recipes not to be missed.

1. Pre-cooked couscous


The easiest way to find pre-cooked couscous is to season it and find it before serving use straight boiling water or better yet broth (vegetables, meat or fish, according to the recipe we will prepare). All you need is:

  • bring it up to a source an amount of water or broth equal to the weight of the couscous;
  • Make a couscous island large plate or in one high sided bowladd a pinch of salt and a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil.
  • To pour gently hot liquid over couscouscover with a sheet of cling film or a lid to maintain the proper level of heat and humidity and wait ten minutes.
  • After the required time, with the help of a fork gently peel your couscous.
  • Once ready couscous can be spicy and given according to the reference recipe.

2. Pre-cooked steamed couscous


Precooked couscous can be found and made with it vaporization technique. If you are the owner steamboat you just need to place the couscous inside the bowl cold water in equal proportionsturn on the steamer and cook 20 minutes then continue by adding a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and then peel the couscous. Alternatively, you can simply steam the couscousthe help of the boiler and a narrow mesh sieve: boil the broth in a pot and put the couscous in a sieve, cover with a lid and put it on top of the pot. Cook for 30 minutesBe careful not to let the cous cous and cooking liquid touch.

3. Pre-cooked couscous in the microwave


This is the fastest way to cook pre-cooked couscous microwaveone very fast technique, perfect when we’re short on time but don’t want to give up a good plate of couscous. System couscous and cold water in proportion 2: 3 (100 ml of water for 150 grams of couscous), cook for one minute on maximum power, then add the rest of the water and cook for another minute. After the required time, you can complete the preparation by adding a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil gently fluff the olives and couscous with a fork.

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