How to use broth in cooking: dishes and preparations

Who says it’s winter broth: warm, refreshing, comforting preparation, a perfect comfort food it warms the palate and the heart. In our tradition, there are many types of broth: from the classic beef broth to chicken-based broth, the perfect restorative preparation, capon broth typical for Christmas, and fish-based ones with vegetable broth. or shellfish and molluscs. But stock isn’t just used to make dishes like tortellini, passatelli, or make a proper risotto: you can actually make a lot of different dishes with stock. Have leftover broth from another preparation and you don’t know how to use it? have some ideas for use broth in the best kitchenfor prepare succulent dishes or turn into ingredients for future use.

1. Cooking roasts


If you need to cook a roast in a pot or oven, the best way to soak meatto prevent drying use broth that you make at home. In this case, you can choose between a beef broth, according to the dish you are preparing: for example, if you are going to cook roast beef, it does not make sense to use chicken stock, but rather veal or beef itself. Alternatively, you can decide it “affects” the taste less roasting e use vegetable juice, is thinner and less invasive. Once you’ve done that, the real trick is to put it into practice: to use the created fund with broth and vegetables season the roasted slices; To do this, just mix everything, maybe add a drop of broth and add spices on top of the meat sauce is taken.

2. Cooking stews, casseroles and stews


For recipes that need to sit in the oven for a long time, such as a baked chicken recipe, soak the meat it will provide softness and unique taste while eating. The same rule applies to stews, stews and stews: two fingers are ideal for eating broth. uniform and juicy food. The instruction to follow is always the same: choose the broth according to the type of meat to be used, because the broth should not cover the taste.

3. Enrich soups and broths


You will have happened to prepare soup, one like velvet or one soup and find “poor” in taste: in addition to the quality of the main ingredients, in fact, the cooking liquids are also important. Adding a cup of broth to your cooked vegetables can give your soup that extra kick you’re looking for. Of course, if the soup is based on fish, use it a broth is done with fish flakes (bones, head, spine) or a shell cartoon, will be prepared with heads and tails; the same applies to vegetable or bean soups: it is forbidden to use meat broth unless it is very light, vegetable juice is better.

4. Canederli or passatelli


Himself the remaining broth is really too muchinstead, you can use it in smaller dishes like stews or soups use it from the classics to the ones with spinach, making a simple and inexpensive first course like dumplings. Another interesting recipe for using broth is passatelli: one fresh pasta really simple but it gives great satisfaction to the palate.

5. Make delicious sauces


Many sauces are usually based on a protein, then processed with a more or less fat element: but many do not know that in addition to these products, many sauces coming enriched with broths and cooking stocks. Brown sauce is typical among the most popular French cuisine and also called Spanish sauce, rouille sauce, Provence sauce basically fish soup, our own pears, which are part of the braised meat sauces, and finally, gravy, the classic American sauce used for Thanksgiving dinner, not just with stock, oil and flour. So, have fun creating new simple recipes for appetizing and delicious sauces.

6. Pasta in broth


Make pasta and beans, starting with one a good base for vegetable juice this recipe will make a dal dish unforgettable taste: the same goes for dishes like pasta and peas, pasta and cauliflower, or recipes like stracciatella in broth. union broth with starch that the paste naturally releases, will actually create one unique creaminess. Do you want to serve special and original pasta with broth? Next, we offer a recipe for tagliolini in broth, ideal for cold evenings.

7. Bake the paste again


For those who want to try more complex preparations, it is a must try pasta risotto. Risotto pasta means the application of a typical risotto technique: the pasta is cooked in a pot, but for a short time, or directly in the pan, then thickened with a bandage andadd boiling water or brothor as risotto. This will give the dish a unique result: dense, fragrant and juicy cream bronzed and slowly dried durum wheat thread beautifully wraps around.

8. Meatballs in broth and meatballs


Another useful idea if you have it at home the amount of broth for the main dish: is a recipe for meatballs in broth double recycling. By preparing them, you actually can recycle the remaining bread (also meat) and broth: don’t forget to combine the two elements well following the mentioned rules. Alternatively, you can cook meatloaf in broth, which is a lighter version of the classic baked meatloaf.

9. Granular bouillon cubes or frozen bouillon cubes


A a smart way to recycle brothIf you don’t have the opportunity to use it in various recipes quickly, the best way to use it is to get a homemade granulated mixture from the broth. as done with walnuts: it is a matter of making the broth very narrow, stirring, creating a kind of cream that will be dried in the oven. This way you can keep it and use it granular walnut for 3 months. If you don’t have much time to prepare, we suggest a faster idea: pour your broth into ice cubes. So, whenever you need any seasoning, you can grab a frozen stock cube from your freezer.

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