Lentil tradition at Christmas in Sicily with Terravecchia Legumi

Eating lentils on New Year’s Eve is a tradition in Sicily, especially if they are Sicilian. Do you know why they say that they bring good luck in the new year?

The origin of this belief, which has become a tradition, goes back to ancient Rome. The ancient Romans, to wish for good luck, gave a “scarsella”: a leather purse with bets in the hope that they would turn into gold coins. In fact, the round shape of lentils resembles coins. Once cooked, these beans grow to a size that evokes the idea of ​​abundance and prosperity.

Did you know that there are many varieties of Sicilian lentils? Terravecchia legumes strives to bring the best varieties to your tables every day. The Sicilian company also brought back to the market rare ecotypes with rare taste and distinctive characteristics. Notable among these are black lentils, characterized by their black color and high iron and fiber concentrations; Cultivated by hand in lava and fertile soils, Ustica lentils are very small, but their taste is explosive. Another garrison is represented by the Villalba lentil, born in the southeast of Madonia and grown in calcareous clay soils, rich in iron and mineral salts. Finally, in Sicily, red lentils and small green lentils are grown in the hills of Sicily, where the Mediterranean climate imparts its unique aromas and flavors.

Click here to discover all the varieties and distinctive features. Each of these varieties has a distinct texture and aroma that is ideal for making soups or pairing with fish and shellfish.

To make your mouth water, the Ambassador Chef brand thinks about it Max Mariola Kim has reimagined a typical New Year’s dish for us: Lentils and cotechino add to its juicy and appetizing flavor!

Discover the recipe here

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