Making dinner in 30 minutes? Here are 27 recipes for you

In the end, we resumed our activities outside the home. Many of us often find ourselves caught up in those old crazy ball rhythms, bouncing left and right between work commitments, sports, aperitifs with friends, and dinner. After the last two years, it’s not like we put much thought into filling and fitting in every useful minute. However, of course, one way to spend less and less time preparing ourselves is i meals. A good habit, almost a legacy pandemic, we should try to continue it when we can. They are enough 30 minutes preparing a dinner worthy of the name, even less. Come on 27 recipes.

  1. Skewers of peaches, mozzarella and basil (15′). beginning ideally, they are perfect for one informal dinner or finger food, especially in the summer and they also prepare at the last minute. Choose some peach nectarines ripe but firm: we left them natural, but you can grill them and season them however you like balsamic vinegar. Our recipe is also ideal for vegetarians, but if you want a richer version, add each. swelling a cube of raw ham or bacon.
  2. Bean hummus (20′). Classic version and highly appreciated chickpea hummusthis bean cream it is versatile, it can be brought to the table as an appetizer croutons, falafel or even as an accompaniment to other dishes. Characteristic elementHummus and tahini, is a prepared sauce Sesame seeds giving a typical slightly smoky flavor. If you can’t find it, you can add a teaspoon of sesame oil or a tablespoon of pre-roasted sesame seeds.
  3. Bruschetta with anchovies, Taggiasca olives and parsley (20′). beginning perfect for lunch fishIt is also prepared using perfect baguette slices homemade breadof this Larianofrom Altamura or typical Sicilian is equally valid. It can also be a great recycling of bread from a few days ago.
  4. Exotic caprese (10′). Traditional Italian food with acidity tomatoes corresponds to fat mozzarella cheese. In this variant exotic caprese how did we use mango and papaya sliced ​​with mozzarella. It is also a perfect recipe for an aperitif.
  5. Turkey club sandwich (30′). Another option, this time classic sandwich was born in United States of America this at the end of the nineteenth century sandwich it’s really delicious. To get a perfect one, you need to follow a few rules: lightly toast the bread, choose ham that is not too tasty, use meat. Hindi. To make a paillard, buy one cut into very thin slices. Thus, after the meat is cooked, it will become the perfect filling for a sandwich that looks beautiful and is easy to bite.
  6. risotto with dried porcini mushrooms Risotto with dried porcini (30′). Recipe risotto with dried porcini mushrooms allows you to enjoy mushroom risotto at any time of the year, without necessarily waiting for autumn. The first creamy and much-loved risotto with dried porcini also pleases foodies.vegetarian food. It only takes a few tricks and about half an hour.
  7. Farfalle with salmon (15′). An easy-to-prepare first course, this recipe is ideal for those without special dexterity in the kitchen juice A delicious mix of both smoked goldfish that fresh salmon. Add chopped onion and cream to complete the sauce milk or cream. In this way, you will get a greedy, but fairly soft dressing.
  8. Reginelle robiola and saffron (20′). Among the quick first dishes are those with express sauce that can be prepared without cooking reginelle robiola and saffron. It is an unusual and original version of the classic pasta with Robiola creamy food with bright yellow color enriched with leaves sage and rags bacon coppata Perfect for making a delicious dinner in a very short time, for an irresistible result. This can only be suggested vegetarian versiongiving up pork.
  9. Linguine with cabbage pesto (25′). made with cabbageused by raw, the Cabbage Pesto it takes very little time. You can use it for an extra touch pecanscan be easily replaced with common walnut, hazelnut or pine nut.
  10. Sicilian gazpacho (30′). Especially for the summer season, it is also ideal as a snack Sicilian gazpacho can be served as a cold soup. Ripe red tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and carrots a splash lemon juice Make this gazpacho super tasty. The recipe of course vegan and gluten free (not including the optional croutons, of course), contains vitamins A, C and E, minerals and antioxidants: it’s low in calories and low in fat, what more could you ask for?
  11. Bucatini ro ‘malu tempo (20′). I a Sicilian food perfect for a quick meal based on fish. They owe their name to the custom of preparing them in bad weather, when the sea was rough, in fact, the boats did not leave the harbor and therefore there was no fresh fish. That is why they were used anchovies, raisins and pine nuts were ever-present ingredients.
  12. Clams with cous cous (10′). The couscous with clams it is a delicious and simple dish and very quick to prepare. The clamsespecially if they are true, no other ingredients are needed to flavor any dish, but are added cherry tomatoes And chili pepper the recipe makes uMediterranean flavor.
  13. Meatballs with chickpea flour (30′). Vegetarian second course to prepare for a family meal, to do with these meatballs chickpea flour it takes less time thanks to the pre-cooked chickpeas. In addition, you can remove the egg from the recipe and replace it with mashed boiled potatoes to seal the dough.
  14. pork Pork tenderloin with balsamic vinegar (25′) Second meal classic along with traditional Italian cuisine, it is also ideal for making a big impression at dinner. As forMilk pork artistIt’s very easy to prepare: just cook the meat in a pan and add it beef broth and balsamic vinegar then it must be reduced to get the sauce for seasoning pig.
  15. almond chicken Almond chicken (25′). Typical recipe Chinese cuisine, very common and highly appreciated in Italy, it is quick and easy to prepare. outside chicken and almonds serve soy sauce and this ginger, onion and rice flour.
  16. Meat toast (10′). An easy meal to prepare when you have zero desire to cook, they only need a little to prepare leftover meat and good string cheese. we used roasting pig, but leftovers in the fridge are fine. THE to fry they are ready in 10 minutes and are perfect for a fall evening meal in front of a movie accompanied by a good movie. beer or a full-bodied red glass. If there is homemade bread you can use it instead of bread for a more rustic and crunchy result.
  17. Potato and vegetable omelette (30′). Second meal if significant potato omelette is a classic of our kitchen, in this version we have enriched it with olives, peppers and tomatoes to make it even tastier.
  18. Omelet with ricotta and spinach (30 ‘) Other omelette very good and fast one ricotta and spinach, usually a delicate filling for stuffed pasta or savory pies, will be cut into squares and enjoyed with a good side dish. You can also prepare it well in advance and eat it the next day, but don’t let too much time pass before consuming it, as moisture will reduce the shelf life of the food.
  19. Bean and tuna salad (30′). One of them recipes great simple makes a perfect last minute meal solution. with i legumes already cooked, you practically just have to dial. with tuna and onion, but also with any other ingredients you may think of adding. But with grace and criteria.
  20. Shrimp burger (30′). Variant fish from the classic burger with meatkind of gourmet sandwich ready in minutes. Raw shrimp requires a few ingredients to start, the freshness of which will depend on the final taste. Then they can be added to the sandwich mayonnaise, fresh salad, spinach fried etc shrimp. If you like imaginative combinations, you can try fresh spreadable cheese.
  21. Eggs with tomatoes (20′). The second poor dish of Italian cuisine, spread by Tuscany all over Italy and also known as cleaning eggs in Campaign, is one of the delicious recipes that are filling and filling. Accompanied by good homemade breads to make a serious shoe.
  22. Swordfish with olives (10′). A typical Sicilian recipe, plans to cut swordfish cubes and pass it durum wheat flourthen cook in a pan olive oil on both sides. Season with salt and white pepper and cook until cooked through olives, rosemary, garlic, white wine mix and match.
  23. Squid meatballs (15′). It’s a perfect idea for those with limited time, just what they need bread crumbssoak withraisins and wine then a chopped squid and grated cheese. Once everything is assembled, add the rest of the ingredients – pine nuts, capers, lemon thyme leaves – and then seasoning to taste. The meatballsflour, cook for a few minutes, mix with white wine.
  24. Chicken and avocado salad with dried fruit (30′). It is easy and quick to prepare, requiring only the chicken to be cooked. Then everything is collected with a stickavocados and dried fruits. Ideal for a light dinner, this salad can be served on the table lemon juiceas in this case or with a sauce light with yogurtwhich makes the dish creamier.
  25. Orange dessert (20′). The first dessert, prepared in less than half an hour, is orange. There’s no cooking involved, it’s eggless, and you only need electric beaters. These cups consist of a base crushed cookiesone mascarpone cream and whipped cream flavored with orange peel and fresh fruit slices. You can enrich the cream chocolate chips and use i Biscuits you with cereal or dried.
  26. Red fruit syrup (15′). Who said we have to ban romance because of the weather? This dessert it’s quick to make, and it’s also very nice to hit. Vegandairy free, contains only pureed fruit and sugar. If you don’t follow any special diet and want a creamier syrup, you can add a little egg white to the preparation following our other diet. recipe. Depending on your taste, you can use any fruit you like: in this version, we also combined it with cherries. mixed red fruits, but you can make a version with only one type of fruit. The convenience of this recipe is that you can enjoy even freshly made syrup without waiting for freezing time: in this case, you will have a very creamy consistency to taste with a spoon.
  27. Crepe cake (30′). Get sweet chocolate glutinous and easy to prepare, ideal for loading up on calories at the end of dinner Crepe cake it is a great fortress of thin ones pancakes, can be filled as desired. In our version, there is a lot between one and the other cream can spread Hazel.

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