Meat preservation: Do you all know the golden rules?

LMeat, as we know, is a noble food and has always preserved our traditional cuisine secrets of using leftovers and its proper storage, rules to avoid waste. A non-profit organization for the sustainable production and conscious consumption of meat and cured meats, as explained by Reminder of Sustainable Meat.

Golden rules of meat preservation

Therefore, not wasting meat also means storing it properly. Let’s see what the golden rules are. First of all, never break the cold chain; If you want to buy meat, it would be good to have a refrigerator for shopping and, once at home, immediately in the refrigerator. But before dabbing it, it is placed in a container or plate and covered with cling film. Not all meats have the same shelf life in the refrigerator: whole pieces of beef stay fresh in the refrigerator for 5-6 days, slices, chicken and pork should be eaten within 3 days. Beware of hamburgers and ground pulp: they are very delicate products, if you are not sure that you will eat them in the next 2 meals, it is better to freeze them.. And how long does the meat keep in the freezer? From 3 to 6 months depending on the type. Also in this case, it is recommended to use airtight containers or special bags to protect the meat from dehydration. And can you freeze dried meats? Of course, they also last for 2 months, and it’s great to have a small stash in the freezer that you can use as stuffing or stuffing for meatballs.

Sweet life

Anti-waste recipes based on meat

Homemade cookbooks are full of delicious recipes featuring yesterday’s meats and cured meats. For example, let’s talk about a soup to be made with leftover cooked chicken for a comfort food, which is good for the line. “Numerous studies show that by increasing the percentage of water or water-rich ingredients in the dish,” nutritionist Elisabetta Bernardi – the energy density of the food decreases and the feeling of satiety can be achieved first, and therefore the calories of the diet can be reduced without sacrificing too much ». But not only broths: Neapolitan-style meat omelets, rolls, meatballs or fillings, we have many traditions that involve the reuse of boiled meats or the reuse of cold slices for new tasty dishes. Anti-waste ideas are also good for creating balanced menus that work for everyone. “For example, veal is often used for the tenderness of the meat by those who have difficulty chewing – says the expert – but still by those with high nutritional needs. A particularly good protein, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, phosphorus, zinc and iron and 100 g of beef provides more than 25% of these nutrients”. Often chosen to flavor vegetables in a delicious way, dried meats can easily be part of anti-waste recipes such as omelets, meatballs, sauces. “Let’s not throw away a piece of salami or ham,” advises the doctor, “but let’s use it to enrich our diet with noble proteins.” Then just a few tricks for anti-waste but also balanced meals. “It’s always good to incorporate vegetables, fruits and whole grains in addition to leftover meats and cold cuts to create a balanced and anti-waste meal,” says Bernardi.

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