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The modern bartender: this is how it can be defined Paolo ReinaHe has been in charge since 1990Antica Trattoria del Gallo A historic restaurant with 150 years of life in Gaggiano, on the outskirts of Milan. Run by three generations of the Gerli family, in 1990 it came into the hands of Paolo Reina, who worked there for 11 months in 1983, and began to get to know and appreciate this reality.

Although he wants to pursue a career in a big hotel or a big restaurant, Paolo is passionate about the world of trattoria because of the way he accommodates the guest and his satisfaction and decides to accept his offer. Gerli teaches family history to come forward. Today, Paul is in chargeAntica Trattoria del Gallo with perseverance and dedication, guaranteeing excellent traditional Lombard cuisine and a high level of service that pampers the customer and keeps him coming back.

For the audience Strip the newsPaolo Reina suggests recipe for deviled chicken, the restaurant’s iconic dish, has been served since 1870 and is cooked the way it used to be. The chicken is battered like cutlets and cooked in olive oil, with a crispy skin on the outside and soft and juicy meat on the inside, perfect for enjoying with your hands along with French fries.

At Trattoria del Gallo, chicken has been cooked for many years and is a historic dish.
It does not require complicated preparations or ingredients.
Its cooking time is about 35 minutes, for about 1 kg of young chicken.
During this time, a simple and archaic ritual is completed that transforms a 1000 gram chick into a bite that is crispy and delicious enough to be tasted even by hand.
If it is still served today and in great demand, there must be something magical about it, so we respect it and always look carefully for an enlightened person who devotes time to the ancient tradition.


1 chicken about 1 kg
Extra virgin olive oil


After opening the breast side of the chicken and beating it like a cutlet, cook it in a pot with 5 kg of olive oil and salt for about 35 minutes.
Serve the chicken with potato chips.

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