Pollastro recipe with Nuragus wine

We clean the chicken pieces of excess skin and fat and remove the wings from the ends (the latter can be used for a broth together with the legs and carcass). On a cutting board, we chop the lard – setting aside the two whole thin slices that will be needed later – and mix it with three different types of rosemary, a few sprigs of wild fennel to make a beautifully aromatic mixture, then add a little more. a little coarse salt, pepper and just a “scrattatina” of lemon zest. At this time, we salt and pepper the chicken pieces from the edges without the skin and mash them into the dough, rub them well and give them taste. Put a nice round of oil in the bottom of the pan, a finger of lard, and add a peck or two of freshly chopped boiled red garlic, a very little rosemary, a little wild fennel, a little crushed red pepper, two pecks. strips of fat are kept aside and finally the chicken is placed skin side down. We turn on the fire and fry well for 4-5 minutes. At this time, we can turn the pieces of meat and cover them with Nuragus wine, pouring it slowly so as not to lose its boiling; add three spoons of broth, close the lid and leave for at least 45-60 minutes. When the sauce reduces and our chicken is cooked, we put it on a plate, sprinkle the cooked juices and test it. “It’s not a good thing: more! You can hear everything inside: you can feel Sardinia with its slightly empty areas and the minerality of its soil, bursting with wine and aromatic herbs. They feel great in this chicken! food.”

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