Ramen, recipe and ingredients

after sushino doubt ramen is the most famous and popular Japanese food. This Japanese soup There can be many different types of ingredients such as meat or fish, mushrooms, vegetables, seaweed, hard-boiled eggs, onions. They are used for ramen noodles, Japanese noodles, should strictly be eaten with chopsticks. But what is ramen recipe? let’s go together to discover the original ramen recipe and many variations available today, but first a little history of this interesting dish.

The history of ramen

Ramen doesn’t actually originate in Japan. This is a Food of Chinese origin. Yes It became widespread in Japan after World War II. THE Japanese soldiers learned in war i Secrets of Chinese cuisine. They worked as soon as they got home make your own version of ramen. This has always been possible thanks to more spread of flourthanks to a once very expensive product Import from USA but it has become increasingly cheaper and affordable for all budgets.

Thus, ramen spread to Japanese homes and eventually to restaurants. In the 1980s, instant noodles, thanks to Momofuku Ando. From that moment on, the pot became easier and faster to prepare. It is for this reason that it spreads more and more intensively. As we all know, Japanese food has been the case in recent decades came here to the West. First i Japanese restaurants they only suggested sushi and sashimi. But over time they understood it Japanese soup could be meet the tastes of the westerners. It was a real success to include in the menus, today it is a recipe that everyone wants.

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Broth is the most important of ramen ingredients

The absolute most important ingredient in ramen is the broth. There isn’t just one original ramen recipe. Depending the type of broth preparedactually type of ramen. They are present in everything four types:

  • The shoyu ramen broth it’s usually meat broth made with chicken. However, it can also be made with pork or beef. This very clear broth flavored with soy sauce.
  • The shio ramen broth fish made with dried fish and seaweed. This is also a very clear broth. No soy sauce in this case, though a little salt to taste
  • The miso ramen takes on behalf of Japanese red beans, actually miso. Bean broth offers a intense taste and reddish brown color relatively dark. This is also a broth that comes out very nutritious.
  • The ramen Tonkotsu is made with pork bones, with the addition of chicken broth and pork fat. It looks more like a cream or soup than a true broth. There is this actually a denser consistency.

    These are four types of ramen broth, but it’s important to remember Each region of Japan has its own recipe. In short, there are many variations

    Japanese noodles

    The Japanese noodles or noodles it is made with flour, salt and water. Again, there are many versions. THE oven made with spaghetti buckwheat. Udon, ramen noodles and some they are done with instead wheat flour. Among them, ramen noodles are thicker than others. Which one to choose? You can follow regional recipes but this is definitely the best taste them. We advise you try them allyou will understand which type of noodles you like best.

    Japanese noodles

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    The original ramen recipe

    The ingredients needed to make broth they should obviously be placed in a pot with plenty of water. Just like our traditional Italian broth, in this case ingredients should be cooked for a long time, about a few hours. While the broth is cooking, you can prepare all the other ingredients. There is really no limit, you can add any food to ramen.

    The Japanese usually add le marinated eggs. These are hard-boiled eggs left for marinade soy sauce, with the addition of some spices. The vegetables they are usually boiled and flavored before being cut into small pieces. When the broth is ready, yes cut the meat used in preparation thin slices to top the soup. There are also frequent a typical Japanese dish in pink and white, cut into thin slices. What’s that pink and white stuff in the ramen? Here it is Kamabokoobtained as a result of fish processing.

    Italian ramen recipe

    Not everyone likes the typical flavors of oriental cuisine. Ramen can easily be also revised in the Italian key, so that there is food suitable for every taste and every taste. Gods are used instead of noodles egg noodles, typical of the Emilian tradition. Broth is made with pork, flavored with a little ham and parmesan rind. Bacon, mushrooms and onions can be added to the recipe, as well as hard-boiled or low-temperature eggs. You can use balsamic vinegar instead of soy sauce, maybe with some citrus juice.

    Vegetarian ramen recipe

    Vegetarian copper is good to use for exercisekombu seaweed and shiitake mushroomto get a broth rich in flavor. In addition to the noodles, many different things are then added to the broth vegetablesalso bean sprouts. You can use cottage cheese instead of cottage cheese cut the tofu into slices.

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