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There leek cream it is rich and delicious food, real food comfort food to enjoy and warm on cold winter evenings. Typical of the French tradition, it is more than a simple vegetable cream: it involves the use of one sauce combined with a base of cooked and mixed vegetables, it is similar to béchamel, making its texture even more enveloping and filling.

The cream is enriched with i egg yolk then topped with crunchy croutons for a delicious and irresistible finish. Easy to prepare, you can make it a day in advance and reheat it on the stove just before serving. The perfect vegetarian recipe to impress your guests for an anniversary, party or special dinner.

Velvets and creams are the undisputed ones heroes of the season: warm and refreshing, satiating without being heavy; the differences between the two preparations have been lost over the years, and today by both terms we mean a dish based on vegetables that, once cooked, are made into a soft and thick puree.

In our version, we have chosen to use leeks, which are rich in vitamins and minerals exceptional properties diuretic and antibiotic; sweet and aromatic, they go perfectly with the delicate taste of potatoes.

Learn how to do it by following step-by-step instructions and tips.

How to make leek soup

Peel the potatoes and cut them into slices 1.

Stir them in boiling salted water for 5 minutes 2then strain and set aside.

Clean the leeks and cut them into rings 3.

Combine the leeks and potatoes in a large pan 4; add a little oil and a pinch of salt and fry for a few minutes. Cover with hot stock and continue to cook until vegetables are tender (add more stock as needed).

Prepare the roux: melt the butter in a pot, pour in the flour and fry for a few minutes; dissolve in warm milk 5place on the fire and cook until you get a thick and smooth sauce.

After cooking, blend the vegetables with an immersion blender; pour the sauce and mix well 6. Add salt and pepper.

At this time, add the egg yolk and mix 7put it back on the heat and let it stand for a few minutes.

Meanwhile, cut the bread into cubes and fry in a pan with oil. 8.

Transfer the cream to individual bowls, top with croutons and serve very hot 9.


Leek cream can be stored in the refrigerator in a special hermetic container for 1-2 days. You can also freeze it.

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