Red: 12 Chinese Recipes We See in New Pixar Movie

Red is a new cartoon Pixar It tells the story of a 13-year-old girl who suddenly becomes a full-fledged teenager among her school, boy group and friends in Toronto. Red Panda. A work different from other masterpieces in a certain sense Disney-Pixar because the director Domee Shi was inspired by Japanese anime, including Beloved Ranma ½. Different, but not alien to the animated world of the house of Mickey Mouse, if we consider a very subtle short Bao (directed by Shi himself) a chinese ravioli, or unforgettable Ratatouille set in the kitchen of an elegant French restaurant. And we do not mention these cartoons by chance, because they are the main characters of the whole Red and food. Rather, Cantonese cuisineespecially Taishan, because everything revolves around the events and secrets of a Chinese family that moves to North America. Unusually repetitive recipes. We challenge you not to make your mouth water by following the careful and precise gestures of the protagonist Mei Li’s father, who prepares a succulent. sauteed pork.

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Red and Bao’s production designer, Rona Liu, he revealed to Eater that he and his team were inspired by the work of Studio Ghibli and a documentary about the master Miyazaki, which follows the Japanese director in his artistic experiments with food to make this aspect of the film realistic and interesting. possible. Not only. They were followed by cultural advisors who introduced them to the history of the first Chinese immigrants. chinatown coming from the field of Toronto Taishan, in southwest China’s Guangdong Province. All the ingredients that make a cartoon special not only for kids but also for foodies. Here are some Chinese recipes you can see Red.

  1. Steamed ravioli. Red could not attach great importance to this specialty Cantonese cuisine and Taishan. Mei Li and her mother prepare them by hand, and her father makes sure they are the right size and sealed properly before cooking. The shape is reminiscent of Xiao Long Bao, not actually ravioli but small buns filled and steamed thanks to the bamboo baskets from which they take their name. They are the same as the Pixar short Bao.
  2. Edamame. These unripe seeds are a popular snack in Asian cuisine. The edamame steamed or boiled with spices like star anise, garlic and pepper. They have a sweet flavor reminiscent of peas, and in red we often find them as a side dish. They stand out on any set table with their bright green color.
  3. Fried pork. Its preparation is mesmerizing and will make you want to call your trusted Chinese restaurant immediately. There pig It is an important ingredient in Chinese cuisine, just think of the fried version of Hunan and Shanghai (Hong shao rou), much loved by Mao, or very spicy from Yunnan. In the Pixar movie, the pig is coming fried with lettuce, pepper and soy saucemaintains its juicy pink color.
  4. Congee. This rice porridge is no stranger to cartoons. Do you remember Mulan? It’s actually a so-called thing Easter egg, a surprise, funny quote hidden by the director in the film. And like Mulan, congee Red It has a smiling face to start the day in the best way: eggs are the eyes, mushrooms are the nose, onions are the eyebrows and sauce is the mouth. This is one of the most popular Chinese recipes, a comfort food loved by all ages and all provinces with some variations, such as the presence of meat or mung beans.
  5. Fried rice. It is one of the most popular and loved Chinese specialties. In fact, each region in Asia has its own variations and traditions. No, there is not only Cantonese rice as we know it in the West. For example, there is a spicy Sichuan recipe enriched with spicy doubanjiang paste. In Taiwan and Fujian, you can enjoy Hokkien rice characterized by a sauce based on chicken, mushrooms, fish and vegetables. In Reda prescription is probably offered Yangzhou mixes different combinations of proteins such as shrimp, pork and eggs. The preparation is said to have originated in the homonymous city of Jiangsu.
  6. Boiled eggs and pork. We speak of T. in Fujianaw yu look. The meat is fried in a pan, then cooked with soy sauce and spices, and finally hard-boiled eggs are added, which take on the brown color of the soy sauce. It is called this in Vietnam, where this recipe is equally loved This kho and pancetta is also flavored with fish sauce and, in some families, coconut water.
  7. Cong You Bing. Every country in the world has its own pancakes, and it’s not just sweet recipes. As we saw in the Pixar movie Delicious pancakes with onions eating on the street, for breakfast or any other meal of the day. Unlike the recipe we are used to in the West, they are not made from an egg-based dough, but from a very simple mixture of flour and water. The texture is also very different because i Cong You Bing they are light and thin and not spongy like our pancakes, lots of delicious layers. It is one of Mei Lee’s favorite dishes.
  8. Eel rice. The combination of these two ingredients immediately reminds of Japanese cuisine, buteel It is also widely used in China, especially in the Cantonese and Taishan tradition when it is cut into thin strips and added to fried rice. Traditionally, the eel is cooked in a clay pot and the rice is added at the end to give it flavor.
  9. Jackal sea balloon. Beloved by the Chinese people, this mollusk has a symbolic status, it is an ingredient of big holidays, because its value can be quite high. Therefore Red we find it on the table at an important family meal with accompaniment crows, a type of legume that we often find in Chinese cuisine in the West. Abalone can be cooked in a variety of ways such as stewed, fried, steamed or grilled.
  10. Steamed fish and chicken. This is a classic Chinese cooking method used for the famous ravioli, but also for vegetables, rice, fish and chicken typical of Cantonese and Taishan cuisine. A special bamboo basket is used for this. Especially steamed fish It is a traditional food for holidays such as weddings. Not surprising, even Red, we will find him again in the solemn moment. It is served whole, usually flavored with soy sauce, ginger and onion. Common ingredients steamed chicken.
  11. Seafood soup. This is one of the most famous Cantonese recipes, now widely spread in China and Hong Kong with many different variations. In fact, there are those who add crab meatwho tofuwhom noodles and so on. Traditionally, due to the presence of ginger, garlic and oyster sauce, as well as shellfish and fish, it appears as a dense liquid, light-colored, very fragrant.
  12. You. Couldn’t be missing from Pixar history. Indeed, it is an entity that is repeated with different preparations: with gaiwansmall cup-tea, used by and with Mei Li and her mother in the temple porcelain teapot offering the drink to several people, perhaps as a welcome. Yes, because tea often replaces water in China. Especially herbaceous plants green tea, the type most commonly drunk by the Chinese, but also the most widely produced. We are talking about more than 1.8 million tons of green tea per year. After all, China has always been the world’s largest producer of tea.

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