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Chicken and pea soup is a very tasty and nutritious dish: let’s look at the simplest way to prepare this recipe.

Chicken Soup (Pixabay)

It is represented by a very easy and simple recipe to prepare chicken and pea soup, is also a very important food for the diet, because it can provide our body and organism with all the necessary nutrients to stay in excellent health. In addition, it is a food that provides a great supply of energy, so it is very useful to eat it before starting any physical activity. So let’s see below The best way to make chicken and pea soup recipe.

The best way to make chicken and pea soup

Chicken pea soup
Chicken Soup (Pixabay)

When it comes to proper nutrition, nutritionists usually recommend eating a certain amount of legumes at least a few days a week. In fact, legumes provide our body with a large amount of fiber. A very effective way to take them is to prepare a recipe for chicken and pea soup. Ingredients To be able to prepare this dish, first about 550 grams of chicken breast, then two cloves of garlic, 20 grams of ginger, one liter of chicken broth, 2.5 grams of turmeric, small red pepper, three onions, one carrot, about 400 grams of canned cooked peas, extra virgin olive oil and salt and black pepper.

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about preparation to eat, you should start by chopping ginger and garlic, then put them in a pot with extra virgin olive oil to cook. Then you need to add turmeric and then chicken broth again. The chicken breast should be placed in the pot and left there until boiling, and then continue to cook for about twenty minutes. Another step is to then dice the peppers, carrots and onions and then cut the chicken breast. At this point, put the chicken back into the pot with the vegetables and peas. Finally, it should be cooked on low heat for about 15 minutes and salt and pepper should be added if necessary.

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The chicken and pea soup dish It is very important for diet and nutrition, because chickpeas can bring many different benefits, from reducing the risk of constipation, to simple weight loss achievements, and finally to a noticeable improvement in bone health.

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