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A simple gazpacho recipe, a three-vegetable cold soup that can be prepared in minutes and without cooking.

The simple gazpacho is a quick version of the classic Andalusian gazpacho, a special cold soup made in Andalucia as well as all over Spain that involves a long rest of stale bread and mashed vegetables and a fairly complex preparation to create consistency. creamy.

However, gazpacho can be made in simpler versions, as in this case with only two or three vegetables and without bread, obviously vegetables are among the favorites, but tomatoes and cucumbers are the basis of this soup; other vegetables you can add are pepper, garlic (preferably fresh), and some versions also add corn kernels. This soup can be seasoned with fresh chili peppers or a splash of apple cider vinegar, in fact, there is no shortage of vinegar in the original gazpacho.

It is an appetizer that can be served in small glasses even at a buffet or as a first course, accompanied by ice cubes as used in Spain. In this version, we advise you to serve it with croutons or croutons, the consistency of the soup will actually be quite liquid.



To make a simple gazpacho recipe, wash the tomatoes and cut them crosswise at the bottom.


Dip them in a pot of boiling water for 10 seconds.


Peel them and mix them.


Peel the cucumber and mix.


Put the pulp in a strainer to remove excess liquid.


Mix the cucumber pulp with tomatoes and add very thin onion slices, lemon juice, chopped greens, oil, salt and pepper.

The result

tomato gazpacho


Refrigerate for at least an hour before serving. Serve with croutons.

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