Spelled salad, features and recipes

L’written salad It is an ideal dish for summer. It really can be he also enjoyed the cold, perfect to take with you to the beach, travel, on the go. Can be enriched with all kinds of ingredients, vegetables, tuna, shredded cheese, cold cuts and more. It is possible to convert it to a by varying the ingredients the perfect meal actually for fall and winter too. let’s go together to discover recipes for salad and all the best ingredients bringing food rich in taste to the table.

Spelled salad is good for health

Before discovering the best farro salad recipes, it’s important to remember that farro is really healthy food. In fact, it contains a lot soluble fibers in water, which promotes digestion and bowel function. It also contains after written proteins, vitamins and minerals. This mixture of substances makes what is written a food that can help us keeping the body in perfect shape. Not only that, it makes it possible keep the hunger stimulus under control. The presence of iron makes this food ideal for those suffering from anemia or have one anyway deficiency of this mineral. Spelled is also recommended for those suffering from osteoporosis. Theintake of carbohydratesto get the right energies without feeling heavy.

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Salad made with vegetables

L’vegetarian saladtherefore enriched the best seasonal vegetablesthis simple recipe but the taste is really richperfect for a light summer lunch. The best vegetables to use to enrich this cold salty salad they are certainly cherry tomatoes, squash, carrots, dill, but also broccoli, green beans. All you have to do is do it cook the vegetables directly in the pan along with extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt. You can do it if you want add other spices and even herbspepper, turmeric, saffron, basil leaves, parsley to choose from to your personal taste. Season with roasted vegetables and you’re done. You can too if you want add shredded cheeseprovolone or similarEmmental.

Spelled and tuna salad

for a’summer salad even faster, we can advise you to choose only tuna. After all, tuna is the perfect ingredient for summer, very fresh and tasty. All you have to do Add the canned tuna along with the fresh cherry tomatoes cut in half, add olive oil and salt, mix. Here’s a ‘quick and easy to write salad to prepare, perfect for summer. It does not say that tuna must be used. This is possible alternatively choose salmon. L’salt and salmon salad can be prepared with smoked goldfish compared to pan fried fresh salmon and then cut into cubes.

Greek letter salad

Another one cold salad recipe, so Greece is ideal for summer. In this case, you should add la to your salad cubed feta, cherry tomatoes, black olives pitted Greek. If you want a stronger taste, you can add a little more finely chopped onion and capers. Then it will be enough add some tuna to convert salad written in Greek to a the perfect solo meal. But be careful, feta a really very tasty cheese. It is for this reason that we advise you Do not use salt for seasoning salad or just add a pinch. Alternatively you can Run the feta cheese under running water for a few minutes, to make it taste a little more subtle. a Greekan ideal salad for a buffet, on the occasion of a birthday with many guests or ceremony. Despite being one simple saladactually a eating different from the usual foodit’s also elegant thanks to all the colors included in the game.

written salad

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Salad made with pesto

looking for a recipe for a light salad which is also fresh and perfect for summer days hotter? We can only advise you to wear your letter with del simple Genoese pestomade with fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, pine nuts, parmesan. If you want to indulge yourself more light summer salad you can also add gods shrimpspreviously fried in a pan with oil and a little salt for a few minutes.

Fall farro salad

Just change the ingredients get a summer salad ideal for autumn. We especially recommend it mushroom, autumn crop it’s really rich in taste which makes your salad just great. You can choose all kinds of mushrooms from if you want make a pan saute with parsley. In addition to mushrooms, you can add broccoli or other seasonal vegetablesof cheese is cut into cubesa sausage always cut into cubes, really for eating nourishes and can give proper energy welcome autumn days, even the coldest days.

Warm salad

It can be written it is also consumed in winter. In this case, you need to bring it to the table clearlyhot salad. you can use the best seasonal vegetables sauteed directly with type and serve hot. But you can also do it for winter add some meat cut into pieces. Alternatively, we can only advise you add to the vegetable soup. This way you will get one real soupwill be served piping hot keep warm on winter days absolutely cold of the year. We remind you that you can prepare minestrone with chopped vegetables or vegetable puree. For example, try Cream of Pumpkin Soupa pleasure.

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