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A full first course recipe for a delicious ancient grain-based healing soup that will take just over half an hour to prepare.

There soup is a healthy and complete first course that provides carbohydrates and vitamins. It’s a comfort food that can warm up even the coldest of evenings, but it’s just as easily served in the spring, maybe even in the heat. To make this recipe more delicious, in addition to onions, you can add some seasonal vegetables: fresh peas or asparagus tips, added 5 minutes before cooking. Finally, for a touch of freshness, you can add a basil leaf and a round of extra virgin olive oil.

Spelled is an ancient cereal, a monocot variety one of the first cereal varieties cultivated by man. Now it is a very popular grain, especially in the pearl or shiny version, which means it was elegant then. If you prefer bran soup, you should buy bran grains and soak them overnight so that they are still soft and pleasant when cooking.

This soup can be stored in the refrigerator for several days.

choice of food
Lactose free

  • Pearl is written
    300 g

  • Medium sized potatoes

  • root

  • Celery
    1 Costa

  • garlic
    1 clove

  • root

  • onions

  • Bacon
    100 g

  • Vegetable broth
    1.5 l

  • rosemary
    1 branch

  • Parsley
    1 batch

  • Extra virgin olive oil
    3 spoons

  • Fine salt

  • Black ground pepper




To prepare the written soup, peel the carrot, clean the stalk of celery and onion and chop everything together.


Peel the garlic and remove the inner spirit.


Wash the herbs and make a bundle that you tie with kitchen twine.


Finally, cut the pork into cubes.


Heat oil in a pan with chopped vegetables, pork, greens and garlic, mix quickly.


Add the seasoning and enjoy.


Now add the broth.


Finally, add the peeled potatoes and finish cooking until both the potatoes and the spelled grains are tender.


Season with salt and freshly ground pepper, then serve.

The result

stewed soup

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