Spring Farrotto Recipe: Seasonal Food

The spring of farrotto this vegetarian first course perfect for eating in this season. It is prepared with carrots, peas, canasta, greens and onions. At the end, small pieces of hard-boiled eggs are added to give extra flavor to the vegetables. The spring of farrotto It’s great for eating out, either as a picnic or as a lunch to enjoy at the office. Try our recipe.

Ingredients for 4 people

Preparation of farrotto spring

  1. While the letter is cooking in plenty of salted water, prepare a pan with extra virgin olive oil. Once cooked, add to the pan and season with salt and pepper.

  2. Add two blanched onions, celery and equally blanched carrots and finally the peas. Add the herbs and canasta in small pieces, and after removing from the heat, add the hard-boiled egg pieces.

The pearl was written: how to prepare it?

This Seral mainly cooked summer saladswith vegetables, legumes, meat or fishor soups and broths, ideal for winter. The pearl is writtenunlike bran and shell, it does not need to be soaked before cooking and usually cooks in 15/20 minutes depending on the product.

Variant Farrotto spring

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