Summer recipes with cold rice that will be prepared in minutes

Soups and vegetable minestrone are good and tasty, often mouth-watering by dipping croutons in the broth. But in summer, it is difficult, even unbearable, to bear the heat in front of a good soup. During the summer season, especially at midday when the heat is at its peak, the diet should actually be mostly light.

That is, primarily on the basis of fruits and vegetables, but you can also pay attention to cold dishes to fill the necessary calories. In this regard, rice stands out for being a truly versatile food in the kitchen. Because, for example, you can prepare a delicious rice salad for lunch in a few minutes. So let’s see how to do it by providing quick recipe tips and ideas, but never sacrificing taste.

Summer recipes with cold rice that will be prepared in minutes

In detail, preparing a salad starting from cold rice is not only child’s play, but it is always possible to be creative in the kitchen. For example, a classic recipe for cold rice is to combine it with hard-boiled eggs and tuna. Then add a drizzle of oil, extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper.

As in the recipe for rice salad with tuna and hard-boiled eggs, pitted Taggiasca olives can also find a place. This is just one of the summer recipes with cold rice. Because rice salad can be prepared by reducing calories. That is, avoid adding ingredients represented by tuna and hard-boiled eggs.

Like a rice salad with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella, as well as regular extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper. For a preparation that really sprints. Or you can make a single dish to bring to the table based on rice and chicken for dinner. Let’s see how.

Here is a recipe with shredded chicken

Starting with a base of cold rice and chicken pieces fried in a pan, you can prepare a unique and delicious dish to serve on the table for dinner. In the same way, a mixture of fried peas and chopped pepper is added. Then, just before serving, finish the preparation with extra virgin olive oil.

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We use pumpkin and 2 other delicious ingredients to make a fresh rice salad without tuna, without eggs and without acid.

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