Who says lentils aren’t good in the heat? So they will be perfect even at 40 degrees

Can’t eat lentils because it’s too hot to cook in the summer? You can even eat them at 40° with this recipe

food i legumes it is important for our body to be healthy. The supply of these guaranteed nutrients is important for our human being, so legumes should never be missing in a varied and balanced diet.

Lentils (Credit: Adobe)

In fact, in the winter season, we are used to cooking hot dishes that are considered real “comfort food” such as soup and pasta with beans that warm us inside. And in the summer season, we start using dishes that we always think we should cook in the classic way. That is why there is a shortage of legumes on the table in summer. Big mistake. Among them, there are, of course, those that should never be missing from the table lentils. The supply of nutrients and especially minerals like iron is really important for our health. These should not be missed on the table to combat the heat and pressure drop we face as high temperatures approach. Cooking them seems like a real pain, but there is always a solution in the kitchen and that’s it recipe lentils can be eaten even at a high temperature of 40 °. Let’s immediately see how we cook them.

Cooking lentils in the summer: a simple and healthy recipe

I a healthy food and they can bring many benefits to our body. Therefore eat lentils even in summer season we should have a healthy habit. It is a serious mistake to give up legumes in the summer because of the nutrients they provide it is important to keep us healthy and resist the heat. Of course, cooking lentils or cooking with pasta to make a classic winter soup is certainly not encouraging. But don’t worry because with this one recipe we will be able to bring them to the table with very little movement without suffering from the constant heat.

You make a delicious dish from lentils summer salad, with feta, olives and cherry tomatoes. Fresh, tasty, light and above all healthy. let’s see full recipe:

  • 300 g of lentils in a jar
  • Red cherry tomatoes to taste
  • 100 g of feta
  • salt
  • Onion
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • basil
  • Black olives to taste
Lentil Salad (Credit: Adobe)

There are those who prefer to use dried lentils, but for obvious reasons and to avoid the long cooking of this legume, we can use already cooked in a jar. Pour them into a colander and pass them under running water. Then we filter them well and put them in a bowl. Then we add pitted black olives, washed and halved cherry tomatoes, salt, basil, freshly washed onions cut into very thin slices and chopped feta. Let’s mix it, and then we just have to season it with extra virgin olive oil. And here they are ready. We can fry the bread cut into thin slices and add it to our plate. Et voila, it’s over quickly!

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